with NGO’s


  The AVOSMC actively cooperates with various non-governmantal organisations on a range of issues





Russian Union of Rescuers


We actively work with Russian Union of Rescuers during search missions outside cities. The members of the Union first and foremost help to comb the woodlands and supply us with special equipment. Moreover many our volunteers take search and rescue trainings provided by the RUoR.
Russian Union of Rescuers has been organized for the purpose of saving and securing people in emergency situations and promoting the principles of personal and social safety through joint public efforts.



Search-and-Rescue Detachment «Polar Star»


We actively work with SRD “Polar Star” during search missions in cities.
SRD “Polar Star” is a volunteer union of professional well-equipped rescuers and specially trained volunteers who are on duty 24/7.



Human Rights Movement «Resistance»


HRM “Resistance” was founded on December, 15. 2005 and since then has been effectively rendering legal and psychological aid to crime victims and witnesses. We are cooperating with the Movement on the issues of the Psychological councelling and legal support of the missing people’s relatives and of psychological rehabilitation of found persons