With government agencies


“Search for Missing Children” Association  works closely with Russian Federation government agencies during the search missions and also provides consultancy in legislative and legal fields.


Collaboration with Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID)
under Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI)


  Our close cooperation with MOI began in 2012 with the active participation of Andrey Shchurov, Chief of CCID 9th Department. With our help, CCID has developed recommendations on the interaction between MOI regional departments and voluntary organizations for missing children search. Now, with the support of CCID, the voluntary organizations can ask for help at any time, coordinating their actions on the immediate search location with Vladimir Popov, officer of CCID, always being our great help. In their turn, volunteers can help CCID officers as well. Our member organizations have been many times awarded with honorary certificates and state badges . For example, government badges ‘For assistance to MOI’ were granted to our volunteers by Arkady Gostev, Major-General , Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.


Collaboration with Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation (IC)


  In 2013, we began working closely with the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation (IC) on the search for missing children and child exploitation issues. Cooperation with volunteer organization was brought to life with the personal order of Alexander Bastrykin, Lieutenant-General of Justice, and Chairman of the IC. Currently, IC has made cooperation agreements with the number of our regional member organizations to work together during search missions while the leaders of member organizations have joined the advisory and public councils at the local IC departments. Together with IC we are developing programs to prevent crimes against children. During search mission our volunteers are always contacting IC officers.


Collaboration with Emergency Committee (EMERCOM)


Association works closely and carries the search missions in the woodlands with Regional Departments of EMERCOM according to the signed agreements. Moreover, several regional EMERCOM Educational Centers provide further training for our volunteers.


Collaboration with the Lower House (State Duma) and the Public Chamber


Association is profoundly involved in assigned teams formed in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, namely cooperating with the Security and Anti-Corruption Committee. Association members take part in the Public Chamber panel discussions and propose further legislative initiatives for the search of missing children.