Security School visited Space town!

Security school “Bagheera” is expanding. We have been invited to the Space town!

Security lessons were held in the first and second classes of  Komarov School.
Children of a closed city are different form those of Moscow. They are more open and vulnerable. They are very trustful.
“Along the lesson we learned who to behave if you get lost in a subway or shopping center, where and with whom you can go, how to scream and twist out if you are taken sonewhere by force. Only a few children knew the telephone numbers of their parents. And the most terrible, that most of them can follow a stranger anywhere”- said Irina, a volunteer teacher.

We paid special attention to the question who is a “friend” and who is a “foe” and learned to invent greeting passwords.

We remind that all our lessons are free. If you want us to come to your school please call the number 8(499)686-02-01 or send a request to the e-mail