Security School Bagheera


Search for Missing Children Foundation has been working since the year 2009. During this time volunteers have taken part in hundreeds of searches of missing children in Moscow and in tousands of searches across Russia in strong collaboration with the police.

The experience has shown that many parents do not know how to behave themselves in emergency cases. Because of that we decided to establish a security school “Bagheera” where volunteers run free classes for parents and children. Thanks to these classes children learn who to do if they get lost in a city (subway, bus, shopping center, street), whom they can ask for help, how to behave with strangers. They also train children basic skills that can help them in emergency cases, for example, show them how to twist out if a stranger is holding them  or taking somewhere by force.

All parents need to do to  invite us is to call the hotline of the Foundation 8(499)686-02-01 or send an e-mail to


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