Safety lessons held in Krasnoyarsk

Juvenile affairs officers, in cooperation with volunteers and representatives of the Search for Missing Children–Krasnoyarsk voluntary people’s guard, held a series of lectures at Krasnoyarsk schools about safety.

Yesterday, the first event of this campaign was held at Krasnoyarsk school № 2. Volunteers told second-graders about the Rule of three Ns: Never, Nowhere, and No way should you go with a stranger. They also talked about what they should do if a stranger approaches them on the street or in an entranceway, and how to react to strangers’ moves. Juvenile affairs officers reminded the children about the rules of safe behaviour and the telephone numbers that they should call in case someone commits a crime or breaks the law.

The Krasnoyarsk regional non-governmental organization Search for Missing Children—Krasnoyarsk collaborates closely with the police in the search for missing people, including children. This year, the organization received a certificate of registration as a voluntary people’s guard. Throughout the past two years, volunteers have been actively helping police officers. Thanks to this joint work, dozens of children have been found and returned home. Volunteers also helped the police by distributing information about criminals that were wanted by the police.