Moscow to have Child Safety Map

As reported by Moscow City Duma deputy Irina Ilyicheva to the Moskva news agency, Moscow City Duma deputies together with volunteers have developed an electronic Child Safety Map, identifying over four thousand places that could expose children to safety hazards.

“The program was first launched in the northern part of Moscow. Now it’s a city-wide initiative. Volunteers, parents and Youth Chambers have identified 4,370 places that are potentially hazardous for children in the district. These will all be shown on the map. Similar inspections are expected to be carried out in other parts of Moscow as well. We have received particular support from our colleagues from the South-Western and Central Administrative Okrugs,” Irina Ilyicheva said.

According to Irina, the playgrounds, roads and transport infrastructure in the area were inspected, and compliance with trade regulations and dog walking rules was verified.

“Dangers for children include traffic hazards (missing speed humps, zebra crossings and traffic lights); non-compliance with pet walking rules (e.g. walking pets on playgrounds); poor housing and utilities conditions (open manholes, homeless people sleeping in residential building halls); unsafe playgrounds, broken swings and seesaws; sale of alcohol energy drinks and cigarettes close to educational establishments, and sale of energy drinks in general,” she said.

Earlier, Irina Ilyicheva had informed Moskva that Moscow City Duma deputies were to develop a Child Safety Map, which would show all the places identified during the inspections as dangerous for children. Internet users will also be able to report “alarming” areas and add them to the e-map.