Pavel Matrosov ( 11 years)

Was kidnapped together with Valentina Korik by an unidentified  man under pretense of playing a part in a movie in Velikie Luki city , Pskov Region,  Russia  on 12.07.2010.

FeaturesDistinctive marksLanguages spokenContacts
Chestnut hair and brown eyes. Kidnapper’s appearance: 170-180 cm, unshaved, unkempt look
The kidnapper weared horn spectacles.
If you have any information about this person please contact : +7(918)012-64-39- (Catherine),e-mail:, +7(499)686-02-01 (Hotline). 

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Search coordinators: “Search for Missing Children.Pskov” +7(918)012-64-39- (Catherine)
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