Annual meeting of the “Search for missing children” Foundation

Event Timeline

Date: October 24, 2015
Time: 13:00 to 19:00
Place: Children's Library, Paustovskogo Str., 2/34

24.10.2015 at 13:00 an annual meeting  of the Foundation  “Search for missing children”.
We invite all   people about the problem of missing and exploited children to take part in the event.

At the venet we will discuss issues concerning thw work of the Foundaion,children’s safety and  will also  give answers to the most frequent questions:

1) How to become a volunteer?
2) What to do if your child got lost?
3) What to do if your see a beggar with a child?
4)  How do volunteers cooperate with the Police and the EMERCOM ?

The following people will be present :

1) Heads of the Foundation and the AVOSMC .
2) The administrator  of site.
3) Chief of the Child Slavery Office.
4)  Chief of  the “Search for Missing Children.Moscow”  search party.
5) Experts f the Foundation.


1) Tel: +7(903)263-72-95 Nikolay.
2) E-mail:
3) Hotline: +7(499)686-02-01

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