схема структуры поиска пропавших детей



Evgeniy Rudin ( DJ Groove) is a famous Russian musician and   the head of the Gurdian Council of the AVOSMC .


Together with Ukrainian singer Kiril Borishev (de Kibo) he  recorded a song  “New day” , which you can hear in Evgeniy’s music video  devoted to the missing children. By this video Evgeniy wanted not only to draw people’s attention to the issue of missing children in general but also to show photos of those kids who have been missing for years already hoping that someone might identify them.  The video features many Russian celebrities including Elizaveta Ivanciv (Elka), Andrew Malakhov, Pavel Volya, Yana Churikova, Leonid Agutin, Sergey Galanin, Andrew Grigoriev-Appolonov and many others. The video is aired by Russian music TV Channels including MUZ-TV and MTV. Evgeniy also actively helps us in organizing Charity Concerts on the International Missing Children Day  and  other Fundraising activities.