Electronic children’s search & security system “Bagheera”

2 development stage

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Since our foundation in 2010 we have found almost 6000 children. However, even more kids – 4 thousand- disappears without trace Annually. Acccording to the same horrible statistics chances of a child to be found lower drastically after 3 hours of getting lost. Hence, we decided to develop a free  electronic system that would , firstly, allow parents to trace their children and immediately know if they are endangered and, secondly,  would increase efficiency and scope of searches in case a child still went missing.

With the support of allShapes it company We have already  developed  an alfa-version of the system and we need your help to finish the development!

Softwares expected functions: (click to read):

All the listed services and functions are built in one mobile app that can be installed on any modern smartphone. Each option can be activated separately.
1. Prevention. A GSM-GPS tracking service that allows parents to find out where the child is and to know his smaprphone battery charge at any moment of time.

2.Response.  An alarm button that when pressed or activated by voice forwards the call to the nearest police station and sends emergency signals with location data to friends, relatives and 24-hour hotline of the Association.The app also includes interactive first aid and emergency reference book.

3. Broadcasting.   A mobile app broadcasting service with various feedback options. It sends interactive missing bulletins to all the app users thus informing volunteers and civilians about missing children and giving them the opportunity to report back any known information. The concept is to certain extent similar to AMBER alert and the latest Facebook update released by NCMEC. There are no such services in Russia right now.

4. Search. A social network to unite and coordinate volunteers from our Association and all the partner organizations as well as individual volunteers and civilians. The main aim will be to organize and coordinate simultaneous searches which will be supported with such functions as multi-leveled access to the information, division of volunteers into searching groups, event organizer etc. The distinctive feature of the network will be the tactical mode. When switched on during an active search mission it turns a smartphone into a tracking device that sends geo data to coordinator’s laptop where it is visualized on the interactive map. Combining this system with the use of radio sets will greatly facilitate the searches and ensure the full control over the coordination of the search missions.



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