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Association of Volunteer Organizations " Search for Missing Children" (AVOSMC)  unites 60 volonteer search organizations around Russia and organizations of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus at international scale. We believe that  every child must be found! The Assoiation is headed by the  Search for Missing Children Foundation.  

Our results

Over the Association’s nine years of activities, we have helped find over 6000 children and, incidentally, 2000 adults. Moreover, more than 500 raids have been carried out to fight child exploitation. Every day, the Association handles around 150 search cases.

We belong to expert councils of the Civic Chamber, the Russian Investigative Committee and the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs. In close cooperation with the Russian Ministry for Emergencies and the Russian Union of Rescuers, we hold first aid courses, training sessions for search volunteers, safety workshops and lectures for children. We also organize charity events. For instance, we are the first Russian organization to take part in the annual International Missing Children's Day.


We are on duty 24/7. Whenever a search is under way, we always coordinate our efforts with the police. Search cases have no period of limitation.

Any search includes several steps:

• 24/7 intake of reports on missing people (by hotline or online).

• Legal comfirmation of searches and further coordination of every action with the police.

• Psychological counselling and advisory and legal support for the missing person’s relatives.

• collection and maximum distribution of information on the missing person on the Internet and in the media

• Posting of all-points bulletins in the search area and interviewing of local people.

• Combing of the area, using special equipment and in cooperation with professional search and rescue teams.

• Psychological rehabilitation of found persons; preventing children from running away and deviant behaviour.

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The AVOSMC  unites non-governmental volonteer search organizations all over Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. It is headed by the foundation "Search for Missing Children" whose aim is support of the member organizations and coordination of their search activities.  

Trustee Board

Regional bodies

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Preventing missing cases

Apart from searching for missing children we also take preventative measures, develop and take part in various programs. As experience has shown, in most of the cases children go missing because of parents' negligence, unfamiliarity of kids with basic safety rules or run away because of family quarells. All these cases can be precented!

Annual event "Lighten the way back home" in:

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Оur upcoming events

We regualarly organize various events and programs concerning the issue of the search for missing children and kids' safety in general. These range from safety  workshops for children and first aid courses to volunteers to charity concerts.

Annual event “Lighten the way back home”

Май 25, 2018 с 12:00 до 14:00
Place: Fili Park

For Parents and Kids

In this section you can have a look at some of the  the leaflets  about the kid's safety that we distribute all over Russia free of charge.  

A child is lost

Child Slavery

Lost in the woods


Here you can read the latest news about our association and all the major events in the area of our expertise. To read all articles please switch to Russian version of the site.
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The Association of Volunteer Organizations "Search for Missing Children"

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The AVOSMC is headed by the non-governmental foundation " Search for missing children"

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